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La Maria

La Maria - Medium Roast

La Maria - Medium Roast

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Indulge in the enticing flavors of La Maria - Medium Roast!

Producing Family: Taborda Cortez Family
Origin: Colombia
Subregion: Southwestern Antioquia
Elevation: 1,600m above sea level
Variety: Arabica Castillo & Yellow Castillo
Aroma: Sweet, floral, dark chocolate

Cupping Notes: Sweet, fruity, green apple, almond, chocolate. Medium citric acidity.
Cupping Score: 86.75
Processing Method: Washed
Fermentation Time: 36 hours
Harvest Time: October – December/January

With a refreshing citric acidity and a delightful blend of green apple, almond, and chocolate notes, this coffee promises a balanced and delicious cup. Experience the full-bodied taste of La Maria, sourced from the scenic region of Southwestern Antioquia, Colombia

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Get to know EVC.

El Viajero Coffee (EVC)is a direct source company that sources coffee directly from Jericó, Colombia, without intermediaries or middlemen. This means that the coffee is purchased directly from the farmers at a fair price, allowing EVC to maintain a close relationship with the farmers and ensure that the coffee is of the highest quality.

We call it, "Coffee with a purpose"

El Viajero Coffee is not one person, but we want to bring the coffee farmers and their stories to the consumer. We want people to know who is behind the high quality coffee and allow the coffee farmers to "travel" to places they have never been before.

We offer roasted whole bean and ground coffee. The highest quality coffee.

Fermenting the coffee beans during processing breaks down the fruit's sugars and releases enzymes that affect the bean's flavor. It's an important step that helps develop the unique taste and aroma of the coffee.