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El Viajero Coffee

Medium Roast Bundle

Medium Roast Bundle

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Introducing the El Viajero Coffee Medium Roast Bundle, a collection of exquisite coffee blends that promise to elevate your coffee experience. This bundle includes five, 8 ounce, distinct medium roast offerings, each crafted to perfection:

Arrecho Medium Roast: Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Arrecho Medium Roast. A harmonious blend of nutty richness and subtle panela sweetness awaits in every cup. Indulge in its full-bodied, velvety richness that lingers on your palate, and experience the distinctive flavor of beans fermented for 48 hours. Elevate your coffee journey with El Arrecho – where bold flavors meet exceptional craftsmanship.

Arrecho Honey Medium Roast:  Elevate your coffee ritual with Café Arrecho Honey and let the sweetness of honey elevate your morning, afternoon, or evening coffee moments. Its rich taste and captivating aroma will make it your new favorite indulgence.

La Maria Medium Roast: With every sip, you'll be transported to sun-kissed orchards, where the essence of ripe wild berries and the allure of delicate chocolate notes blend harmoniously. This coffee's lighter roast showcases the true essence of the beans, allowing the frutier notes to shine and creating a truly remarkable taste experience. Indulge in the subtle nutty undertones that add depth and dimension to each cup. As you savor the flavors, you'll discover a symphony of sensations that play on your palate, with every sip telling a story of passion and dedication to quality.

Tasa Bendita Medium Roast: This blend offers a smooth and delicate flavor profile, elevated by enchanting notes of sweetness and chocolate. The aroma is irresistible, welcoming you with a heavenly fragrance that hints at the delightful taste to come. Indulge in the rich complexity of Taza Bendita, where caramel and candy-like tones dance harmoniously with the distinct essence of panela. As you savor each sip, you'll uncover the tantalizing presence of red berries and the subtle hint of raisins, adding layers of depth to your coffee experience.

La Vasqueza Medium Roast: a coffee cultivated in the gentle embrace of shade. Experience a symphony of flavors with hints of nuts, wild berries, and light chocolate notes. Savor the balance of nature's beauty and exceptional craftsmanship in each cup. Grown in the shade-dappled plantations of La Vazqueza, these Caturra beans offer a unique journey for your taste buds. Delicate nutty undertones complement the natural sweetness of wild berries, all finishing with a touch of comforting light chocolate. Elevate your coffee ritual and explore the harmonious blend of flavors that "La Vazqueza" brings to every sip.

The El Viajero Coffee Medium Roast Bundle is a journey through a diverse range of flavors, all united by the medium roast profile that brings out the finest characteristics of each coffee bean. Whether you're seeking a bold awakening, a touch of sweetness, a refined experience, or a comforting cup, this bundle has something for every coffee lover. Embark on this sensory adventure and discover the world of medium roast excellence with El Viajero Coffee.

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Get to know EVC.

El Viajero Coffee (EVC)is a direct source company that sources coffee directly from Jericó, Colombia, without intermediaries or middlemen. This means that the coffee is purchased directly from the farmers at a fair price, allowing EVC to maintain a close relationship with the farmers and ensure that the coffee is of the highest quality.

We call it, "Coffee with a purpose"

El Viajero Coffee is not one person, but we want to bring the coffee farmers and their stories to the consumer. We want people to know who is behind the high quality coffee and allow the coffee farmers to "travel" to places they have never been before.

We offer roasted whole bean and ground coffee. The highest quality coffee.

Fermenting the coffee beans during processing breaks down the fruit's sugars and releases enzymes that affect the bean's flavor. It's an important step that helps develop the unique taste and aroma of the coffee.